Spectrum Analyzergraphical user interface

The Spectrum Analyzer application is part of CORE's suite of web-based tools for the satellite industry. These online applications enable users to test, verify, monitor and troubleshoot satellite equipment without the need for personnel at remote locations.

The Spectrum Analyzer has a robust set of tools that allow users to quickly and easily find, view and measure carrier strength as well as carrier bandwidth.

To view a demo of this application, press the Launch Demo button at the bottom of the page. This demo application shows some of the capabilities of the application. Here are some tips to help you with the demo:

When the application runs for the first time, a request is made to allow data to be stored on the user’s hard drive.  This is for the Recording and Trace sections of the application. The Flash Player Settings message box will appear, (see image below). Please press the Allow button to allow the application to save information to the hard drive.  This application will only save Trace information and recordings to the hard drive. If you press the Deny button, you will be unable to save data. If you save data and then reopen this application later, your saved data will reload into the application.

There are several Center Frequencies that can be entered in the Ranges: Set Frequency: Center Frequency controller to view demo carriers. If you enter 1100. 1520, or 1800 with a Sample Frequency of 20MHz, you will be able to see three carriers within the view window. You can then click and drag within the view window to zoom in on those carriers.

Right-clicking within the view window brings up several options including adding lines within the window. These lines can be moved around to measure carriers.

The Window Function, Baseband Bandwidth, Offset and AGC controls do not work in the demo.

For a complete list of capabilities, view the manual.

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