Software Developmentproduct circuit board with one red chip

CORE utilizes standards based approaches to software development including OOA/OOD, Template based design, C/C++, NASA SEL, MISRA-C and many others. In addition CORE utilizes UML and Telelogic's Rhapsody, a DO-178B certified development platform and architecture for developments that demand the highest level of efficiency and certification.

Rhapsody is the industry's leading UML 2.0 based Model-Driven Development environment for systems and software engineering. With this environment, CORE has been able to create a reusable architecture that provides:

  • Real-time, multi-process / multi-threaded processes
  • Operating system agnostic solutions
  • Standardized initialization modules
  • Process control and automation modules
  • File system based communication modules
  • Network based communication modules
  • XML protocol modules
  • Serial protocol with framing modules
  • Device driver interface modules
  • Real-time motion control modules
  • Real-time analog, digital and multi-mode sensor modules
  • Database modules

All CORE modules are abstracted in a way in which most hardware can be supported with a small hardware abstraction layer (HAL). This allows CORE to provide proven and verified base logic that can be extended quickly and with little risk to the viability of the extended works.

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