CORE provides integrated technology products in satellite communication and embedded system industries. Here are some of the companies we have helped succeed. Example demonstration products are Spectrum Analyzer, NMS Viewer Configuration and NMS Viewer.

Satellite Communicationssatellites

Digicel PNG - Utilizing our proven satellite routing technology, CORE developed and integrated an Ericsson based GSM international cellular system serving millions of international and local customers throughout the pacific rim.

FAATSAT - CORE developed a cutting edge element management system for the FAA, DISA and DITCO managed Federal Aviation Administration Telecommunication Satellite System. FAATSAT included real-time network management software and embedded hardware systems; Automated control of network devices, environmental, security and personnel sensors; and Integration with security, cryptography and segmented redundancy systems. The FAATSAT system was awarded special commendation by government and private sector clients during the Katrina crisis.

Fairchild Corporation - CORE developed the NMS3000 Satellite Network Management System (NMS) and associated embedded hardware. This system allowed for integration of many devices from FDC, COMTECH, SSE, ADVANTECH, GDC, Paradise Datacom and many more. CORE also developed the ISO9000 software development process for Fairchild which was utilized and approved during this development.

New Zealand Telecom - CORE developed automation software and associated embedded hardware to support a fully automated, C/KU band transportable terminal used by the New Zealand government to support cellular, video, data and security applications. Supports "Single button" initialization for many heterogeneous devices.

Hungarian Railways - CORE developed automation software and associated embedded hardware to support a fully redundant satellite earth station configuration. Upon the detection of a configurable catalyst, an entirely new satellite communication network is created utilizing redundant hardware at a separate earth station.

Health Carecircuit board with red stethoscope

Battelle Memorial Institute - Cytyc ThinPrep Imaging System(tm) - CORE worked with Battelle, Cytyc and third party companies to Define, Design, Develop, Manage, Certify and Transition to manufacturing this award winning cervical cancer screening system. Developed and Certified as an FDA Class II device, this system took the industry by storm and has generated hundreds of millions in revenue for Cytyc. The system also received the coveted MDEA Gold Award for medical device development in 2004.

Battelle Memorial Institute - LipoScience Blood Analyzer - CORE took the lead role with Battelle, LipoScience, Varian, KMC and other third party developers in Defining, Designing, Managing and Developing a fully functional prototype Class II clinical blood analyzer. This system is based on cutting edge technology that utilizes Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to examine blood cholesterol chemistry.

Battelle Memorial Institute - Patient / Fetus Wireless Monitoring System - CORE worked with Battelle and VNI to Define, Design, and Develop a prototype system that provides a wireless monitoring solution for mothers during labor. Utilizing cutting edge EmberNet(tm) and Zigbee(tm) technologies, CORE created an automated system that allows for patient mobility within an auto healing / full mesh networking environment suitable for a neonatal hospital environment.

Other Industrieswhite cogs with on red one

L-3 Avionics - CORE Designed and Developed a graphical Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) for L-3's next generation digital avionics system.  The HSI is the most critical part of the navigational cockpit and provides the pilot with the user friendly, fully automated instrumentation set (over 13 instruments included). The L-3 SmartDeck(tm) system was developed utilizing the standard DO-178b certification and development process and has currently gained flight status by the FAA.

Drug Enforcement Administration (Bolivia) - CORE Designed and Developed software and an embedded controller system that integrates with generator components to create a fully automated and autonomous power generation system utilized within mobile SatCom terminal systems.

National City Bank - CORE consulted with National City Bank to Define, Design, Develop and Implement a Trust Operations System Analysis and Conversion process including risk analysis, third party partners, ROI analysis tools and associated correlation tools. Consulted entirely with C-Level executives to implement this mission critical project.

Rowland Industries - CORE Developed the TR750 cable modem firmware and interface control program.

ACT Networks - CORE Defined and Designed a prototype Frame relay access device and simple network management protocol (SNMP) software manager.


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