NMS Notification Viewergraphical user interface

The NMS Notification Configuration Viewer is part of CORE's suite of web-based tools for the satellite industry. These online applications enable users to test, verify, monitor and troubleshoot satellite equipment without the need for personnel at remote locations.

The NMS Notification Viewer displays notification information that has been sent by any CORE hardware within the satellite network and works in conjunction with the NMS Notification Configuration Tool.

To view a demo of this application, press the Launch Demo button at the bottom of the page. This demo application shows some of the capabilities of the application. Here are some tips to help you with the demo:

The Viewer can be resized by resizing the application window.

For the demo, the "Acknowledge New Data" option has been enabled, so each of the incoming messages will be "grayed out" to distinguish them from acknowledged messages. To quickly acknowledge them all, press the 'Accept All" button. This will color each message appropriately. You can also select the "Accept Data" checkbox for individual messages.

For the demo, all sounds have been turned off and no new messages will occur after the application receives the first set of messages.

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