Graphical User Interfacegraphical user interface

CORE develops state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces (GUI) that are extremely user-friendly as well as application independent. This flexibility allows the user interface to be run as an application on the desktop or as a web application within a browser. So your user's can run your application anywhere they have an internet connection.

By leveraging the power of Adobe® Flash®, CORE has become a leader in next-generation GUI development. Designing with Flash® allows for quick prototyping for early user focus-group testing and feedback. This early integration with focus-groups allows for a more user-friendly application as the user is involved early-on in design considerations.

CORE interfaces utilize the visual lexicons that software users have grown to understand over the last two decades as the defacto standard of GUI development. We then add transitions and effects that further add to the user's understanding of the interface when elements change, providing a GUI that flows instead of abruptly switches. The results are an organic, more understandable GUI that users actually enjoy using.

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