Software Engineeringwoman programming with Rhapsody state chart in the background

The CORE “software engineering” mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled software management and coding capabilities at the highest level of efficiency and least amount of ramp up time. Our software product and development experience allows for us to quickly provide value within any stage of the software lifecycle. We succeed in our mission by maintaining our expertise in current and emerging technologies, by applying our vast project experience to any problem, and in the understanding of what actually works within a successful software project.


  • Embedded and System level development (Intel, Motorola, Atmel, ARM, AnalogDevices, MicroChip, Rabbit and others)
  • Agile and Rational Unified Process (RUP) based project management
  • Object oriented analysis and design using UML
  • Structured analysis and design using GOF Patterns, Shlaer-Mellor and CIT Custom
  • Framework based design and implementation
  • C / C++ / Assembler coding
  • Model driven development (Rhapsody, RoseRT)
  • Real-Time and mission critical architectures
  • CORBA, DDS and other data driven implementations
  • DOD-STD-2167A – DO178B – FDA – ISO9000 and custom quality standards.
  • POSIX compliant systems (Win32, Linux, Unix, Nucleus, QNX, VxWorks, and many others)
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